Flight catering
Our branch of business was founded in 2015 as the youngest member of Gastland Group with the aim of offering catering services which fulfil the national quality expectations by using up-to-date technology. In our modern factory which is ...
In our modern confectionery factory which satisfies every need we provide our dear partners ornate and eye-catching desserts made of the finest ingredients taking the traditional and modern taste trends into consideration as well.
Our company is one of the most versatile participants in Hungarian hospitality; we are omnipresent in almost every branch of it. Our philosophy is characterised by modernity and freshness besides the respect of tradition...
Special meals
Nowadays satisfying special needs is not a professional challenge but a natural claim. Our professionals are used to representing special menus...
Cold kichen / Sandwiches
Our customers may choose from the light, quick, still fresh, and delicious scale of products that is satisfactory for any catering service.
Main courses
Our delicious, national and international supply is characterized by the fresh ingredients and the profession of kitchen technology of the modern age.
Offers of ornate desserts that are delights for the eye and handmade ice-cream of Italian ingredients bid a unique opportunity in the field of catering.