Gastland Group plays significant role in the Hungarian economy operating number of restaurants, hotels and dealing with real-estate leasing, real-estate management across the Country. The family owned enterprise started catering business in Hungary in 1992, and now they are proud to operate seven restaurants and hotels, tschardas even an ice-cream factory serving more than 2.000 guests in total every day.



Gastland flight catering: the newest investment of gastland group

The new in-flight catering base of Gastland with a capacity of 10.000 portions of meal every day on a total area of 3.600  m2 located near Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport offers variety of catering services, such as:

  • In-flight catering for Airlines operating to/from Budapest including premium quality meals for VIPs on private jets and Governmental flights, traditional menus for legacy Carriers and low-cost food for budget Airlines.
  • Traditional catering activity which includes cooking food in larger quantities for restaurants, events, employees or guests of public institutions or canteens of companies.
  • Food delivery service for individuals or company employees.

Modern technology, high efficiency

The central kitchen of Gastland Flight Catering is equipped with the latest German and Swiss technologies representing the highest standards in hygiene, safety, efficiency and ecology by which the Company is set to offer top-level services to each clients.

We offer:

  • Quality catering at competitive prices
  • Wide range of dishes – sandwiches, cold and warm cuisine
  • Special meals:  halal, vegetarian, Asian menus
  • Confectionery, packed food stuffs
  • Wide selection of alcoholic drinks and beverages
  • Our gastronomy offer includes both delicious Hungarian specialities and delights from the international cuisine
  • Additional services: storage of on-board materials, sales of newspapers, magazines, laundry services
  • State-of-art technology, well-equipped kitchen and tool-park

Our qualities:

  • Punctuality, accuracy and precision
  • Flexibility, quick reactions, fulfilling different demands and portions
  • Flight safety is first - maximum compliance with the higest aviation safety standards
  • Customer demand-driven, flexible solutions
  • Continuous innovation and cost efficiency
  • Customer minded attitude

Why is it worth choosing Gastland Catering?

Since 1992, our restaurants and hotels have served several thousand guests every day.

  • Quality catering, customer orientated services and latest technologies
  • Satisfied quests, partners regularly return to us
  • Several decades of experience in catering business. Our skilled and experienced colleagues do their job professionally
  • We keep the demands of our partners in mind and continuously renew our offer
  • Affordable pricing

The past 23 years are is our guarantee. We are glad to share all the information related to the top-quality cuisine and services of Gastland Flight Catering with our potential clients. Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us!

Gastland Flight Catering Ltd.