catering2.jpgOur company is one of the most versatile participants in Hungarian hospitality; we are omnipresent in almost every branch of it. Our philosophy is characterised by modernity and freshness besides the respect of tradition. This ars poetica of ours has not changed at all in the last 25 years. Nowadays, the offer of our restaurants, which prefers domestic tastes and ’’peasant” hospitality (in a good sense), has been expanded with the delights of international kitchen, and we believe that the monthly customers of more than 80000 and the ratio of returning audience provides enough evidence and motivation that we can keep up with the strict requirements dictated by ourselves and the market, both in the present and the future. There are many events for which we provided the full service, from the quite small weddings with 100 guests to the big company and government events and gala dinners among our references.

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