flight-catering.jpgOur branch of business was founded in 2015 as the youngest member of Gastland Group with the aim of offering catering services which fulfil the national quality expectations by using up-to-date technology. In our modern factory which is equipped with the newest Swiss-German technology, our colleagues are pleased to serve airlines with in-flight catering in a way that is always renewing and acknowledges the complex needs of our customers. Our supplier network ensures the variety of fresh ingredients of impeccable quality. Storing and using up these ingredients professionally, we grant our costumers handmade products of both warm and cold kitchen, sandwiches, qualitative confectionery that fulfil all needs, and we provide a wide range of beverages as well for our honoured Customers. We are really proud that our Flight Catering Branch has already served more than 800 Hungarian and international flights smoothly since it started barely a year ago, proving our maximal efficiency regarding the commercial, low-cost, VIP and government flights with special needs as well.

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